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Energy healing and treatment therapies to help you improve your
mental, physical and emotional health.

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Energy Healing & Treatment Services in Tampa.

Medical Reiki Therapy.

Reiki is based on the chakras and the energy imbalances that occur in them. With Reiki these energy points are harmonized so that the energy flows back correctly through the organism. Reiki is a good complement to any medical or psychological therapy, but only as a complement, never as a substitute for the treatment of a doctor.


Samassati Colorlight Therapy.

Samassati color light therapy is a graceful way of regaining contact with the natural health within ourselves. First, it dissolves the fields of stress, tension, and confusion that are in the body and mind. Then it goes deeper into the person to stimulate the natural resources that are there. Light will turn them on.

Integral Coaching.

Integral Coaching is coaching methodology that involves bringing forth a view of the client including how he or she investigates the social world, the relationship with his or her body, habits, quality of self-care, the amount of attention and energy he or she has available for change.

Mandala Art Therapy.

Mandalas are universally used as a therapy tool to detect energetic and emotional blockages. If you are a beginner to meditation, Mandalas are a good way to start meditation and helps patients with anxiety and depression.

Energy & Wellness Services.

"The process of healing starts with your conscious first, start with forgiveness of yourself, with love for yourself and respect for yourself . Open your Heart and be ready to give and receive the most powerful gift in the universe - love."

"El proceso de sanación empieza conque seas consciente primero, empieza con el perdon hacia ti mismo, amandote a ti mismo, y respetandote. Abre tu corazón y estaras listo para dar y recibir el regalo mas poderoso del universo - el amor."

Rev. Sandra JaramilloCertified Medical Reiki Master

Sandra P. Jaramillo - Reiki Master & Healing Therapist

Rev. Sandra P. Jaramillo has been a Reiki Master for 12 years certified in the United States under the Lineage of Mikao Usui of the International Center for Reiki Training.

Sandra is certified as a CMRM (Certified Medical Reiki Master), energy medicine and integrated medicine with a license and training to practice Reiki in surgical procedures and any type of professional medical treatment.

Sandra is also certified as a Samassati Colortherapy Therapist by the European Institute of Light Therapy. She is an active member of The International Light Association, an association that is focused on investigating and spreading the word about light therapy and its diverse uses in therapy using the latest technology, theory and techniques of light therapy. In addition to promoting awareness of Light Therapy to promote health, growth and increasing self-awareness.

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